Creative Learning Therapy
Mountain View - Los Altos - Palo Alto - Sunnyvale, CA
Miki Huber, MA, CALT, ET/P
Certified Academic Language Therapist
Educational Therapist / Professional
Miki Huber is certified with the Academic Language Therapy Association and the Association of Educational Therapists. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and Language Processes from Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, New York), and she completed the two year training program in "Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills" at Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York. She was the Reading Specialist at the Los Angeles Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center for 8 years. Prior to that she maintained a successful private practice in New York City, and she was a clinician and personnel trainer for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes in San Luis Obispo and in Boston.

The Creative Learning Therapy approach combines Miki's professional expertise in research based methods for remediation of language and reading differences with her background in the arts and in mind-body healing modalities. In Creative Learning Therapy, the whole child is seen and heard: mind, body, soul, family, school, and community. The therapist serves as a guide to help the child tap into their own inspiration and unique style of learning.

  • REMEDIATION OF LANGUAGE DISORDER/DELAY (Comprehension and Expression)
  • WRITING (Creative and Academic)
  • PARENT AND TEACHER CONSULTATION Re: recommendations, services, and/or IEP 
  • LIFE COACHING FOR CHILDREN of all ages -- Her specialization is helping young girls to find their inner strength and self-esteem in school, family, and social life.
  • ACCENT REDUCTION AND VOCAL FLUENCY for actors or public speakers of all ages

Miki is also a certified yoga teacher and a certified Rebalancing Practitioner (mind-body awareness program). In addition, Miki has been a student of Alexander Technique and Fitzmaurice Technique. Both are mindful movement training programs which help the individual to develop ease and confidence in movement and voice production. She is a performing artist in her own right, and she brings her personal joy of creativity into her work with children.

Miki provides invaluable expertise in assessment and treatment of reading and language issues, and she takes joy in unlocking the potential of each child.

TELETHERAPY sessions are also available via SKYPE or WEBEX from anywhere in the world where internet is available. 

"Miki Huber has the great gift of being both a skilled therapist who knows her craft and an empathetic, nurturing, but strong teacher. My son learned quickly. She guided him forward with multisensory discovery and feedback so he was able to trust what he had learned. When my son was tested after 5 months of working with Miki, they found he had made measurable, astounding gains of one and a half grade levels in reading. She opened up new pathways for him -- gave him new resources to draw upon."

C.S., School Director of Development, New York, NY

"My ten year old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at age six and had been working with different tutors 2-3 times a week with limited success.  She has been working with Miki for a year and a half and has made significant gains in reading -- now working at close to grade level. Although we chose Miki because of her Lindamood-Bell training, she has brought much more into the instruction, tailoring sessions to my daughter's needs. Miki has some very special personal qualities, which I feel have contributed to this successful relationship. She is a very caring person with a gentle, patient nature. She is willing to take the extra time to discuss progress and new ideas for the future. Her sincere interest and commitment is so apparent."

V.R., Nursery School Director, New York, NY

"Miki Huber is an able clinician with immense kindness and compassion for her students. As a member of our staff, Miki was easy to get along with, supportive to management and her peers, willing to help on all levels, eager to learn, dependable, responsible, self-generating and goal oriented. Along with the above, she demonstrated integrity and self-sufficiency in her life, and personal conversations showed her to be a healthy idealist, desiring to make a contribution in her career.

Nanci Bell, CEO of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

"Miki is extremely creative and intuitive and seems to thrive with challenge... She is one of the most naturally empathic and caring people I have ever met."  

Jean McClelland, M. Mus., Certified A.C.A.T., N.A.S.T.A.T.
(Master Teacher of Voice and Alexander Technique, New York)

"Miki is a dedicated, intelligent professional. She makes the therapy sessions focused, yet as entertaining as possible. My daughter has made significant progress in her reading skills during the time she has been working with Miki."

Dana Buchman, Fashion Designer and Author of A Special Education, One Family's Journey Through the Maze of Learning Disabilities
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